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Shipping – Pack and Ship Multi-Box Workflow


  • Save packing data must be true.
    • Settings -> Shipping Functions -> Shipping Setup -> Packing Options -> Toggle “Save Packing Data” (per workstation)
  • The Packers need to be set up
    • Settings -> Data Functions -> List Maintenance -> Packers
  • Printer connected.
  • Scale setup or weights for products set in Stone Edge
  • Boxes defined in inventory.
    • Link to boxes article

Standard Multi-Box Workflow

  1. Open shipping area with Ship My Orders
  2. Select Order
    • List view, select an order from the list.
    • Search View, scan, or enter the SE order number. (Can be set in shipping settings)
  3. Pack items for box 1 (Figure 1)
  4. Once items are selected, confirm the following:
    • Weight
    • Dimensions (L, W, H)
    • Package Type, if applicable
    • Shipping Service (Figure 1)
  5. Click the grey “Close Box” button (Figure1)
  6. Click the green “Next Box, Same Order” button (Figure 1)

    Figure 1
  7. Box 1’s label will print
  8. Unpacked items will stay on the screen to be packed (Figure 2)

    Figure 2
  9. Pack the contents of Box 2
    • If there are more boxes after ->, follow steps 4-7
    • If the last box -> follow step 4 and click the blue “Printer button.”

View Box Contents (Standard View Orders Screen)

  1. Main Menu -> Process My Orders -> View & Process My Orders
  2. Find Order.
  3. On the left-hand side menu, click Shipping -> Packing (Figure 3)
  4. Click a row in the “Tracking Numbers” table to show packing data in the “Packing & Package Contents” table
    • Default: first tracking number with packing data (figure 3)
    • Click the row entry to see other packing data (Figure 4)
Figure 3
Figure 4

Multi-Box Workflow using Advanced View Orders

  1. Open Advanced View Orders (AVO)
  2. Select Order to print labels.
  3. Select print Shipping label in the top-right of the shipping section
    • Make sure “Shipping” is displayed (top right)
  4. Set the number of Boxes needed for this Order above the rate box (Figure 5)
  5. Confirm: (Figure 5)
    • Weight
    • Dimensions (L, W, H)
    • Package Type, if applicable

      Figure 5
  6. Click the blue “Printer” button for Box 1
    NOTE: The Rate line should be Crossed through after the label prints. This indicates that you need to update the weight and dimensions for the next box.
  7. Boxes needed should be decremented by 1. (Figure 6)

    Figure 6
  8. Repeat step 6, then click the magnifying glass next to “Service” or refresh arrow next to “Rate” to update rates for the current box(Figure 7)
  9. Click the blue “Printer” button for Box 2 and repeat steps 9 – 10 for the remaining boxes.

    Figure 7
  10. Once the last box’s label is printed, the shipping label screen will close
    • Tracking information and update in the AVO shipping area. (Figure 8)

Note: Doing Multi-Box in the AVO does not log what items are packed in each box.

Figure 8
Updated on August 16, 2023

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