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What is the current version of SEOM?

Our current version is published on our “Version Info” page which is updated as new releases come out. We also usually have a Beta release in distribution to a limited number of end-users. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please contact us.

Is Stone Edge PCI Compliant?

Stone Edge gives the user the choice to run in a PA-DSS Compliant mode by enabling “PCI Mode” in the software.  To be clear, your business must achieve PCI Compliance, not your software.  PCI Compliance runs deeper than just the software you use and often includes implementing compliant business processes, security in your data centers, specialized training of employees, data breach response plans, and so on.  No one piece of software can ensure that your company is compliant in its’ entirety.  In fact, the software that you run is held to the “PA-DSS” standards (Payment Application Data Security Standards) which are specifically written for software applications, and not as broad as the PCI-DSS standards in which your company, as a whole, must comply.