1. Version Info

Version Info

Version: 7.714 2/11/2020

1. NEW U-PIC real-time shipping insurance integration
2. ENHANCEMENT Shipping Settings form updated to allow for adding and deleting shipper tracking information
3. ENHANCEMENT Added tip text to Switch Stores form to show complete store name and connection path (longer names and paths were being cut off)
4. FIXED Error saving manual order on smaller resolution monitors
5. FIXED SQL error in Import Order Carts form preventing visibility of shopping carts list
6. FIXED Ship form load speed
7. FIXED Packing form not clearing or adding tracking data after printing shipping label
8. FIXED UPS/FedEx end of data report not printing/error printing
9. FIXED Negative values stored in Ounces field in Tracking table
10. FIXED Shipping filter errors
11. FIXED Address validation message box does not close after validating an address while shipping via No Order form
12. FIXED Available batch reports not listed in shipping reports
13. FIXED Process Tracking Numbers not run if system parameter PackingExitOption = ‘Auto’
14. FIXED Signature requirements not loading properly
15. FIXED Weights not converting properly in shipping system
16. FIXED Shipping dimensions with decimals not handled properly
17. FIXED Shipping portion of approval options form not populating properly when approving orders
18. FIXED Default box assigned to item not loading into shipping system when only one item on order
19. FIXED Weights not converting properly in shipping system when rate shopping only
20. FIXED New shipping fields to Tracking table were being set to not allow null values
21. FIXED Error setting order status to Shipped after printing a shipping label if not using status update system

Version: 7.713 (internal)

1. NEW PayPal Reference Transactions integration
2. ENHANCEMENT Increased error trapping and reporting accuracy throughout shipping system
3. ENHANCEMENT Added versions of Windows and Access to connection information screen (Ctrl-Shift-C)
4. ENHANCEMENT UI updates to Import Orders form
5. ENHANCEMENT Added ability to mark payment methods as Balance Due during order import (specifically designed for use with Net30, etc. accounts)
6. ENHANCEMENT Added spell check to Apply Credit/Payment form
7. FIXED Repacking an order that has a voided tracking number, program assumes tracking number still exists, preventing repack
8. FIXED Orders not clearing from list view after printing shipping label
9. FIXED Keypad not showing when minimum keypad quantity is met
10. FIXED Error 2100 opening View Orders affecting larger and higher resolution monitors
11. FIXED Rate shopping message box not closing when shipping without an order
12. FIXED Links to batch print queue on Main Menu not highlighting properly if queue is populated
13. FIXED Missing option on Shopping Carts form to suppress Stone Edge emails to the selected cart

Version: 7.712 (internal)

1. ENHANCEMENT Added checks to properly update default form parameters if outdated forms had been set
2. ENHANCEMENT Added button to load computer name into printer port field when specifying a shared printer
3. ENHANCEMENT New parameter ShipIgnoreDataWarnings to allow ignoring of shipping warnings of missing weights, dimensions, etc. while packing.
4. ENHANCEMENT UI updates to non-order shipments
5. FIXED Error 3075 looking up previous shipping address for a new customer in Manual Orders form
6. FIXED Loading shipments from list view unable to open order detail view
7. FIXED Loading shipments from list view clearing out dimensions prior to shipping
8. FIXED Weight and dimension fields locked on shipping form
9. FIXED Meter Rate and Meter Cost displaying as whole dollars on Previous Shipments form
10. FIXED Search box not opening after processing a shipment while not using packing feature
11. FIXED If accessing previous shipments from an order, after closing previous shipments, the order search window opens instead of returning to the order
12. FIXED Error moving to next page in Previous Shipments screen
13. FIXED Default Shipping Address 2 repopulating after setting it to nothing and saving changes in Shipping Settings form
14. FIXED Error saving changes to ship to address in shipping form
15. FIXED Shipping not recognizing scanned items while packing
16. FIXED Tracking packages not working
17. FIXED Rate shopping fails if tariff codes have not been applied to any products
18. FIXED If ship to phone is missing, Stone Edge will now use ship from phone
19. FIXED Voiding a shipment not associated with an order appears to do nothing
20. FIXED Error voiding Avalara tax when un-approving an order

Version: 7.711 10/30/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Added CAPS LOCK check on login screen
2. ENHANCEMENT Added ShipmentID field to Tracking table for use in auditing and scan sheets
3. ENHANCEMENT Tracking scan sheets now available
4. ENHANCEMENT Added Meter Rate and Cost, Void Date and Voided By fields to Tracking table for auditing
5. ENHANCEMENT Modified Previous Shipments form to include auditing data
6. ENHANCEMENT Added links to show full Instructions, Comments, Gift Message, and Notes on the Shipping Order Info screen if those fields are populated
7. FIXED Tracking UPS shipments from View Orders trying to open expired form
8. FIXED Error adding line item in process orders
9 FIXED Security permissions fail for non-admin users of CLASSIC versions of View Orders and Manual Orders
10. FIXED Missing address error approving orders when not using integrated shipping system
11. FIXED Charges and Credits report failing to run
12. FIXED Process tracking numbers option after closing shipping is adhered to (PackingExitOption system parameter)
13. FIXED Boxes in current shipment dropping below 0 causing errors
14. FIXED Declared value not populating after packing an order with only 1 item
15. FIXED Error rate shopping for an order without an assigned published shipping method
16. FIXED Null value error calculating declared value
17. FIXED Kit QOH update skipping some kit items due to batch splitting
18. FIXED Too few parameters error logging payments in View Orders
19. FIXED Date shipped field in multi-order processor now enabled if set date checkbox is checked when form loads
20. FIXED POS tax parameters are no longer checked when loading multi-order processor form
21. FIXED Apply filter button now visible when using shipping form in list view
22. FIXED Imported order tax system checks are properly completed while recalculating orders
23. FIXED Items marks as Pack Separately correctly handled during packing process

Version: 7.710 10/1/2019

1. NEW Ability to print shipping label without an order
2. NEW Ability to specify number of boxes shipping (unique tracking id for each box, not while using packing feature)
3. ENHANCEMENT Improved shipping load time
4. FIXED Keypad opens with quantity 0 instead of 1 to allow manual keyboard entry of quantities while packing
5. FIXED Error loading Revise Line Item if current order form does not match DefaultOrderViewForm setting
6. FIXED Scale weight conversion of ounces miscalculating if scale returns decimal value
7. FIXED Multi-record editor fails to open if kit SKU has more than 10 parts
8. FIXED Shipping screen filters now hidden if using form in search mode
9. FIXED If bill phone and ship phone are missing, use company ship from phone
10. FIXED Integrated packing/invoice/shipping label not printing to default printer
11. FIXED Tab order on shipment form

Version: 7.709 9/24/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Improved shipping setup operation with more automation in loading data
2. FIXED Box barcodes not recognized when scanning in ship/pack screen
3. FIXED Address validation inconsistencies
4. FIXED Manual order entry was forcing option to be added for products without options
5. FIXED Set Date Options form resized to fit underlying sub-forms
6. FIXED Shipping system now passing complete ship from address info to ensure complete list of services returned
7. FIXED If ship phone is missing, pass in bill phone to use

Version: 7.708 9/11/2019

1. FIXED Fields on purchase orders screen were not displaying when viewing selected PO
2. FIXED Scanning barcode in shipping screen fails if an item barcode matches an order/web order number
3. FIXED PassThru error during check tables
4. FIXED Rate shopping and printing shipping labels fails if there is an ampersand (&) in either the ship-to or ship-from company name
5. FIXED HTTP security error in shipping system

Version: 7.707 9/10/2019

1. FIXED Declared value not saving with tracking data
2. FIXED Default printer port not pulled correctly
3. FIXED Error clicking in Declared Value field if no declared value set
4. FIXED Removing all mappings in ship settings, clears out all published methods
5. FIXED Message box does not close if company address does not validate in ship settings

Version: 7.706 9/9/2019

1. FIXED Manual orders address validation inconsistencies
2. FIXED Manual orders changing zip code not updating city/state for bill to or ship to addresses (if DoZipLookup parameter is set to TRUE)
3. FIXED Added vertical scroll to MaxMind form
4. FIXED Address validation not recorded in notes and not preventing order approval when validation fails
5. FIXED Not able to load orders prior to shipping look back days using search

Version: 7.705 9/5/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Added MaxMind score to Order Info view in Shipping
2. ENHANCEMENT Redesigned Shipping Search popup to include link to Previous Shipments
3. ENHANCEMENT Smoother interaction between ship search and previous transactions
4. ENHANCEMENT Minor UI changes to accordion menu on several screens
5. ENHANCEMENT Eliminated rate shopping after packing all items if either “SecondScan” parameters are TRUE
6. FIXED Error opening shipping if there are 0 previous shipments stored
7. FIXED Scanning order number a second time was not properly rate shopping
8. FIXED Error rate shopping for manual order
9. FIXED ShipPackageTypes table clearing out when upgrading
10. FIXED Refresh rate option not properly showing if weights change after reading scale

Version: 7.704 9/3/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Added link to Ship Settings on shipping order search popup
2. ENHANCEMENT Printing Invoices/Packing Slips now available on the shipping screen
3. ENHANCEMENT On the shipping screen, added ability to copy Ship To address to clipboard
4. ENHANCEMENT MaxMind now available on shipping screen
5. ENHANCEMENT On the Previous Shipments screen, added ability to copy tracking id to clipboard
6. FIXED Clarified message if no shipping services available
7. FIXED Package type not sent when printing shipping label, resulting in incorrect rate
8. FIXED Weights not properly converting when rate shopping for a manual order
9. FIXED Ship order search failing if an invalid order number is used to search
10. FIXED Cannot edit ship to address in shipping when SalesTaxSystem parameter is set to ‘None’

Version: 7.703 8/27/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Added options to save label and printer settings as default for all shopping carts
2. ENHANCEMENT To address speed issues, we added a new parameter, ShipOpenView, to control how the shipping screen opens – in list view or as an order search
3. ENHANCEMENT Added ability to print a test label for specified shipper (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
4. ENHANCEMENT Rate shopping will pull rates for mapped methods only
5. FIXED Reprinting shipping labels in ZPL format not working
6. FIXED Unable to search for an order in shipping when pagination is used
7. FIXED Weight from scale not converting properly
8. FIXED Main Menu custom button assignments were also affecting accordion options
9. FIXED Default box not populating in shipping system
10. FIXED Rate shopping form doesn’t close after printing a label from View Orders

Version: 7.702 8/13/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Minor UI changes and added Tracking Options to Ship Settings form
2. ENHANCEMENT Shipping label printers are now configured by shopping cart + current workstation
3. FIXED Error missing ActionElement in YahooSend while processing credit cards
4. FIXED Data format issues in QOH replace update to Connect2Cart
5. FIXED Null error voiding tracking numbers
6. FIXED Second scan option now working for shipping users who scan order numbers while packing
7. FIXED Package type populated with serviceid rather than package type name resulting in incorrect rate returned
8. FIXED Manual Orders form not opening if DefaultOrderEntryForm is set to POS
9. FIXED Error rate shopping on Manual Orders when DefaultOrderEntryForm is set to POS

Version: 7.701 8/7/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Minor UI change to customer match form during manual order creation
2. ENHANCEMENT Added previous shipments view to Ship screen with ability to void, reprint and track
3. ENHANCEMENT Added ability to create new Kits in multi-record editor
4. ENHANCEMENT Can now choose past shipping address for existing customer when creating a manual order
5. ENHANCEMENT Kit quantities are now sent to Connect2Cart shopping carts
6. ENHANCEMENT Can now edit ship to phone and email if tax system is preventing full address edits during shipping
7. ENHANCEMENT Updated available list of Connect2Cart cart sub-types to include BigCommerce, Miva, and WooCommerce
8. FIXED Shipping service list not populating after modifying options when rate shopping for a manual order
9. FIXED Refresh rate red strike thru line not disappearing after refreshing shipping rates while rate shopping
10. FIXED Error populating published shipping methods list in shipping settings when special characters are present in method
11. FIXED Unrecognized transaction type capturing credit card transactions via Yahoo
12. FIXED Shipping methods not populating properly in Manual Orders and View Orders
13. FIXED Address2/ShipAddress2 not updating properly when editing a saved quote in Manual Orders
14. FIXED CustomAfterReadScaleCall implemented in shipping system
15. FIXED SQL table update errors during startup

Version: 7.700 7/22/2019

Standard release rolls all previous standard and BETA features into new version series
1. NEW Integrated shipping system including redesigned packing feature
2. NEW Create and assign Account Executives to customers
3. NEW Ability to email customer statements one at a time or in bulk

Version: 7.052 7/17/2019

1. FIXED unable to save a manual order in PCI mode after successful pre-authorization
2. FIXED PCI mode now makes available first 6 and last 4 of credit card numbers

Version: 7.051 7/16/2019

1. FIXED Null error saving a cash sale at Manual Orders
2. FIXED Error printing UPS label from QuickShip form
3. FIXED Error closing program after clearing table links
4. FIXED Gray Issue Store Credit button now green to remove confusion
5. FIXED Issue Store Credit button code not run
6. FIXED encrypting data in ParentTransID field while in PCI mode fails

Version: 7.050 7/2/2019

1. NEW PCI Mode
2. ENHANCEMENT Product import enabled for Connect2Cart and ChannelManager on Advanced Option screen
3. ENHANCEMENT New parameter TaxJarUseFullAmount allows for using an order’s full amount when calculating taxes via TaxJar, regardless if there are backordered items.
4. FIXED Google Express payment type check failed importing from ChannelAdvisor
5. FIXED Filling back order into a new order does not carry forward the order source properly
6. FIXED Type mismatch error saving an order with a new customer using Manual Orders CLASSIC
7. FIXED Accounting Summary report does not show navigation options for multi-page results
8. FIXED Error adding a SKU to new PO
9. FIXED Fill Back orders form should not be opening during multi-order processing
10. FIXED View Orders CLASSIC option not adhered to when using Find an Order on Main Menu

Version: 7.049 4/22/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT New parameter SQLServerPathODBCTimeout sets SQL timeout limit during SQL Archiving
2. FIXED SQL Archiving ODBC Timeout issues
3. FIXED Prompts for POS tax addresses during order processing when order is not POS
4. FIXED Tax Code field appearing on multiple tabs of View Inventory screen
5. FIXED Updated yahoo API call address for yahoo payment transactions
6. FIXED Error processing yahoo payment transactions
7. FIXED Notes not displaying in View Orders CLASSIC form
8. FIXED Full Amount option was being ignored during TaxJar tax calculation
9. FIXED Advanced shopping cart feature not using generic version on a per-cart basis properly

Version: 7.048 4/2/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT New parameter PackingAllowShipUnpaidIfPO to allow packing orders with a balance due if paid by PO
2. ENHANCEMENT New parameter CASyncDiscontinuedIfQOH to allow synchronizing QOH for discontinued items to ChannelAdvisor if there is a QOH > 0
3. ENHANCEMENT New parameter RateShopDefaultBoxWeight used to set a default box weight during rate shopping
4. ENHANCEMENT Installer now allows for specific directory installation
5. FIXED ChannelAdvisor payment methods Rakuten, Newegg, Jet, and Walmart now recognized as Generic
6. FIXED Unrelated check boxes visible when editing list of TaxJar Categories

Version: 7.047 3/20/2019

1. FIXED TaxJar error saving a manual order that does not have cart assigned
2. FIXED Connect2Cart, ChannelManager options in View Orders code
3. FIXED Searching for alphanumeric Market Order ID on advanced order search
4. FIXED Tab order on advanced order search
5. FIXED Scale read errors in Windows 10

Version: 7.046 3/4/2019

1. FIXED unable to capture Amazon or PayPal transactions via Shopify API
2. FIXED updated text on QuickBooks notice page
3. FIXED Manual Orders assuming Avalara tax system when TaxJar is used. Missing tax settings message.
4. FIXED Error processing TaxJar taxes. Code looking for Manual Orders form when calculating taxes in View Orders
5. FIXED TaxRate and TaxShipping not recorded for Custom tax system
6. FIXED Null value in TaxRate causes error
7. FIXED Marketplaces error during order import
8. FIXED Error 3022 filling backorders

Version: 7.045 2/12/2019

1. NEW TaxJar integration
2. NEW Error reporting feature available in certain run-time error circumstances. Feature will be implemented throughout program over the course of several releases.
3. NEW Ability to prevent Stone Edge email updates to be sent to customers based on shopping cart
4. ENHANCED SQL Archive updates
5. FIXED MarketOrderID not importing from ChannelAdvisor
6. FIXED Simple Analysis report fails with errors when trying to run more than one time consecutively
7. FIXED Taxes may not have been calculating correctly when using Manual Orders BETA or Manual Orders CLASSIC
8. FIXED Error 7, MakeIndex error while updating tables

Version: 7.044 1/23/2019

1. NEW Ability to edit Kit parts and their quantities from Multi-Record editor

Version: 7.043 1/15/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Braintree Cloning now accepts Auth, Expired Auth, Void, Capture, Sale transaction types to clone

Version: 7.042 1/14/2019

1. FIXED Braintree Clone form was not available

Version: 7.041 1/8/2019

1. ENHANCEMENT Braintree Cloning added
2. ENHANCEMENT Shopify gateway UI now displayed to select items to refund
3. ENHANCEMENT PO Receiving window mode is now PC-based. User can select form to be dialog or normal.
4. FIXED Fill backorders trying to fill “Order Option” line items
5. FIXED Send Tracking Numbers option on Settings Menu not showing
6. FIXED Max Order Download value not refreshing properly in Shopping Carts
7. FIXED Importing web orders not adhering to new OrderDownloadBatchSize parameter
8. FIXED Error processing payment for Manual Order via View Orders
9. FIXED Error importing products from file Next button disabled
10. FIXED Inventory Adjustment forcing user to enter adjustment reason even though feature is disabled

Version: 7.040 12/10/2018

1. NEW Ability to backup and archive SQL databases
2. FIXED Now sending Company Code on Avalara tax calls
3. FIXED Avalara error when cancelling an order in View Orders
4. FIXED Credit card processing error in Manual Orders

Version: 7.039 12/6/2018

1. FIXED BuildKits error
2. FIXED CCTransmitButton error when capturing payment

Version: 7.038 11/28/2018

1. NEW Ship email added as search field on Order Filter
2. NEW Can now choose SKUs/quantities to fill for backorders on View Orders
3. NEW Shopify payment gateway
4. NEW Added kit management to Multi-record & Price Editor
5. FIXED Updated UPS Online Tools link
6. FIXED Freeform Options field error in BuildKits

Version: 7.037 8/31/2018

1. NEW Synchronize Alternate SKUs with ChannelAdvisor
2. NEW Import Alternate SKUs from file
3. NEW Amazon Semplice fields imported: IsBusinessOrder, IsPrime, IsPremiumOrder, shown on Sales Receipt
4. ENHANCEMENT Added link to list of new features to Info form
5. ENHANCEMENT Modified View Orders accordion code to allow for minor customizations
6. FIXED Invalid procedure call or argument error on Snapshot screen for re-ordered web orders

Version: 7.036 8/6/2018

1. NEW Shortcut Control-Shift-P to search System Parameters. Follows security rules.
2. NEW Shortcut Control-L to log off of SEOM from any screen.
5. ENHANCEMENTS made to Shopping Carts form
6. ENHANCEMENT Enabled Web Order Number field on View Orders
7. ENHANCEMENT Updated Info/Connections form
8. FIXED Advanced Functions option available on Shopping Carts form for ChannelManager and Connect2Cart
9. FIXED Error approving an order via View Orders CLASSIC
10. FIXED Error saving a new supplier
11. FIXED Error cancelling an order if DefaultOrderView is Multi-Order Processor
12. FIXED Error cancelling a line item if DefaultOrderView is Multi-Order Processor
13. FIXED Custom order fields are locked when creating manual order in CLASSIC and BETA Manual Order forms
14. FIXED Error missing ImportIDs table when launching SEOM
15. FIXED Email update now using TLS 1.2+
16. FIXED Errors related to Adjust QOH form not updating carts
17. FIXED Security settings for Settings Menu options not saving

Version: 7.035 6/6/2018

1. NEW Connect2Cart and ChannelManager carts. Can be imported as FBA orders and automatically archived
2. NEW Braintree payment gateway integration
3. NEW NMI payment gateway integration
4. ENHANCEMENT Redesigned Shopping Carts form
5. ENHANCEMENT Added FIFO records to View Inventory
6. FIXED various issues in BETA Manual Orders
7. FIXED Error 2465 when populating Manual Orders with existing customer information
8. FIXED links on Info form
9. FIXED AllowPriceChanges parameter now also controls price field in Manual Orders order item list

Version: 7.034 5/3/2018

1. NEW Generic Payment Gateway
2. FIXED Manual Orders BETA not carrying existing customer info to new order
3. FIXED Field length error when saving a new Supplier
4. FIXED 3162 Null value when saving a new shopping cart

Version: 7.033 4/19/2018

1. NEW BETA Manual Orders screen
2. NEW Included version 5.9xx Manual Orders and View Orders screens
3. ENHANCEMENT Now sending Stone Edge defined Event Status along with user-defined Event Status
4. ENHANCEMENT Customer Statement report now accepts either customer name or customer id
5. FIXED Sixbit imports now correctly referencing CartID
6. FIXED issue with Generic Carts not able to import via internet
7. FIXED changed Credit to Refund for USAePay as full cc numbers are not available

Version: 7.032 3/5/2018

1. ENHANCEMENT Purchase Orders screen to expand to full screen
2. ENHANCEMENT Modifications to installer package
3. ENHANCEMENT Updates to Endicia/USPS shipping codes
4. FIXED Bug saving an edited customer name does not update full name field
5. FIXED Quick Ship form to show hidden controls due to accordion background transparency

Version: 7.031 4/19/2018

1. ENHANCEMENT Patched Dazzle Integration to accommodate new shipping methods and country codes
2. ENHANCEMENT Removed obsolete functionality: Half.com Functions, Old Main Menu, ProStores Functions
3. FIXED “Reorder” feature to enter new orders as Manual Orders instead of Web orders
4. FIXED Issue of Green Background still showing on some forms after upgrading

Version: 7.030 10/9/2017

1. ENHANCEMENT Updated branding and color scheme
2. FIXED Show all transactions at “Existing Transactions” at View Orders
3. FIXED Limiting feedback posts to Stone Edge to once every 30-days
4. FIXED New Browser control to fix USPS package tracking