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Shipping How-To – Customer Pickup Packing and Printing Report


In some cases, when a customer is coming to your warehouse’s physical location or storefront, you want to be able to pack an item and print a label for the box or bag with the orders and the customer’s information so it is ready for them to pick up. Below is an article outlining settings, setup, and workflow for customer pickup or do-not-ship orders.

This can only be done when printing a label from the Packing system. It CAN NOT be done from any other shipping label screen at this time. Save Packing Data is needed to use the feature.



IncludeDoNotShipOrdersinListView –  Set to True to include orders with “Do not ship with this method” shipping methods in List View on the Shipping screen

ShipUsePack or Save Packing Data Toggle in Shipping Settings. This must be turned on for the Order with a do-not-ship method. Since no label prints, We record the packing data to show what and when the Order was packed.

Setting up Do not Ship Labels.

To have the Customer pickup or do not ship report print, you need to set up a Shipping method as “Do Not Ship.”

  1. Settings -> Shipping Functions -> Shipping Setup
  2. Shipping Methods tab
  3. Click/Select the existing method or use the + button to create a new method
  4. Toggle the “Do not ship” button
    NOTE: When enabled, “Do not ship” will be the only service mapped to the selected method
  5. Close shipping settings


  1. Open the Shipping system screen
  2. Select Order (list or search view)
  3. Pack order
  4. The report will print after the last item is printed to the printer Specified in the Hardware Settings in the Shipping Settings
  5. Report is formated as a 4×6


Updated on March 7, 2024

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