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Shipping How to – Previous Shipments Screen


  • The Previous Shipments Screen option is enabled on the Detailed Order Screen, List View Order Screen, Search View Screen, and the Packing Screen.
  • Selecting the blue Previous Shipments button will open the Previous Shipments screen. All previous shipments, including test label printing and shipments from the NoOrder Screen will appear in this screen.
  • The screen will show all transactions that have been processed.
  • This screen allows the shipping labels to be voided and transactions to be viewed. Other activities that can be performed at this screen are re-printing a shipping label and copying the transaction number to the clipboard.

How to Get to the Previous Shipments Screen

  1. The Previous Shipments Option can be found on the left panel of the shipping/packing screens. Although the left panel may have different options available depending on the screen that is opened, the Previous Shipments button is always enabled.
  2. This option can be found by going to the Main->Ship my Orders->Order Search Screen: Main->Ship my Orders->Order Search View Screen (as set in the Shipping Setup/Default screen)
  3. This option can also be found by going to the Main-> Ship my Orders->Order List View Screen, and similarly in the packing/shipping and order detail screen.

Description of the Previous Shipments Screen


  • Represented by an X icon, the selected row can be voided.
  • When voiding a transaction, it will appear in the tracking table with the IsVoid value of “Y” and a dateVoided updated to the date the void was issued.
  • Displays a message box informing of the tracking # that was voided. After, there is a choice to keep the voided row in the tracking table or to delete it.


  • Re-Print, represented by a printer icon, re-prints the shipping label.


  • Tracking Number which is a string of characters provided by the carrier that uniquely identifies a shipment.


  • Displays the date of void if applicable.

Order Number

  • A unique number that the Order Manager has assigned to the order.

Pickup Date

  • The date that the package was picked up by the carrier.


  • The shipping vendor such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Carrier’s Method

  • Shipper’s service, as selected in the shipping setup, was selected as a result of the Shop Rate Function.


  • The merchant’s cost for shipping the package.

Meter Rate

  • Rate as per USPS. This Rate can be monitored from you Postage Meter account. Please notify Stone Edge for more information.

Meter Cost

  • Cost as per USPS. This Cost can be monitored from you Postage Meter account. Please notify Stone Edge for more information.

Est. Delivery Date

  • Estimated date of delivery of the package.


  • The weight in pounds of the package.


  • The weight in ounces of the package.

Signature Required

  • Depending on the value indicates whether the package needs a signature at the residence upon delivery. If a signature was requested Value will be TRUE, if not it will be FALSE. Values for Signature as displayed in the Shipping Settings/Shipping Defaults window are as follows: No Signature Required, Direct Signature, Indirect Signature, and Adult Signature.

Declared Value

  • The worth of the contents of a shipment that is disclosed by the shipper, owner, or authorized agent.


  • Displays the insurance rate.

Close View

  • This button closes the Previous Shipments screen and returns to the screen called the Previous Shipments screen to open.
Updated on March 29, 2023

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