Setup for Shipping Hardware


This guide will assist in setting up the hardware needed to use the Stone Edge internal shipping system.  This is for the Setting up hardware directly connected to the computer using Stone Edge.


  1. Main Menu > Settings (gear icon).
  2. Shipping Functions > Shipping Setup > Hardware


  1. From Ship my Orders press the gear icon to go to shipping settings.

Setting up a Scale

Note: A scale is NOT required to use shipping system (Set scale type and port to “None” if not using).

  1. Confirm scale is supported by Stone Edge: Shipping Scale Setup – Stone Edge Order Manager
  2. Navigate to “Hardware” tab in “Shipping Settings.”
  3. “This Workstation” should be set to the computer name.
  4. Select “Scale Type” using dropdown.
  5. Select “Scale Port” using dropdown.
  6. To check if the Scale can be found click the icon to the right of the drop down box.
    • If you receive the error message “Could not write to serial port” Means the port is most likely wrong.
  7. Click Check Mark when finished.

Setting up a Label Printer

  1. Attach label printer to computer (normally by USB)
  2. Install recommended printer hardware
    1. If using Zebra brand must be ZPL NOT EPL
  3. Use Search bar and type “Printer” and click “Printers & Scanners.”
  4. If correctly configured label printer will be in list.
  5. Click label printer in list.
  6. Click “Printer properties.”
  7. Navigate to “Sharing” tab.
  8. Click “Change Sharing Options”
  9. Toggle “Share this printer” and set share name.
    2. Note this name for later.
  10. Click “Apply” and “OK” Designer
  11. Navigate to “Hardware” tab in “Shipping Settings.”
  12. Select “Shopping Cart” that uses following “Label Type” (default is “Default Settings” to use for all shopping carts)
    1. If will be using label for ALL shopping carts enable “label for all shopping carts” toggle.
  13. Select “Label Type” using dropdown (standard is ZPL 4×6)
  14. Select “Printer” using dropdown.
    NOTE: If printer is not listed it is probably not set up correctly.
  15. “Printer Tray” can usually be left blank or set to “Default.”
  16. Enter “Printer Port”
    1. Click @ to automatically add computer name.
    2. Enter shared printer name from step 9.
  17. If will be using printer for ALL shopping carts enable “printer for all shopping carts” toggle
  18. Click printer icon next to “Printer Tray” to open “Test Print” pop-up.
    1. Enter 1-3 to print a test label (must be registered for service to use).
    2. If successful a label with a voided tracking number will be printed with a notification.
  19. Repeat process if using different settings per shopping carts.
  20. Click checkmark when finished.

Setting up a Scanner

Note: A scanner is not required to use the shipping system.

  1. Confirm System Parameters (click “Save” after each change)
    • Main Menu -> Gear Icon
    • System Functions -> Set System Parameters
    • Parameter Group = Barcodes
    • Parameter -> BarcodePrefix -> Default: ~~~
    • Parameter -> BarcodeSuffix -> Default: /
  2. Attach scanner to computer (normally by USB).
  3. Install recommended scanner hardware if applicable.
  4. Test Scanner by opening Notepad -> use Search bar to locate if not used often.
    1. Scan an item’s barcode.
    2. If a number appears without the prefix and the suffix.
  5. Setup prefix and suffix (for use with default settings)
    1. Print scan sheet from link below and follow instructions
    2. Configuring a Honeywell (Metrologic) Voyager Barcode Scanner (MS9520) (
      NOTE: Scan sheet only works for Metrologic Single Line Scanners, for other scanners must go to manufacturer website to review how to setup.
  6. Scan the same item again in Notepad -> if there is a prefix and suffix added, scanner setup correctly.



Updated on May 31, 2023

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