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Entering or Importing Tracking Information for Drop-Ship Purchase Orders

Enter or Import Tracking Information for  Drop-Ship Purchase Orders

The Drop-Ship Tracking button at the top of the Purchase Orders screen opens a screen that enables you to build a list of drop-shipped line items and fill in the tracking numbers for them. You can manually enter tracking numbers for your drop-ship orders or import them from a text file. When you are finished, select Post Data to save the data.

Manually Enter Tracking Information

  1. Go to Main Menu>Manage My Inventory>Manage My Purchase Orders>Drop-Ship Tracking>Add Tracking Numbers.

  1. The system displays the Drop-Ship Tracking screen.

Drop-Ship Tracking screen

  1. To add the line items from a single drop-ship purchase order to the list displayed at the bottom of the screen, fill in the PO Number field and press Tab or Enter.
  2. To add the drop-shipped line items from one SEOM order to the list, fill in the Order Number field and press Tab or Enter.
  3. To add all open drop-ship orders for a specific supplier to the list, select a Supplier.
  4. Once you have created the list, you can enter a Tracking Number, Date Shipped and select Update All to add that information to all line items in the list or you can type, or copy and paste tracking numbers and dates into the Tracking # and Date Shipped fields of individual purchase orders in the list.
  5. Select Post Data.

Import from a Text File

  1. Go to one of the following locations to import tracking data from a text file:

Main Menu>Manage My Inventory>Manage My Purchase Orders>Drop-Ship Tracking>Add Tracking Numbers>Import Tracking Data

Main Menu>Settings>Shipping Functions>Import .csv Tracking Numbers

  1. The system displays the Drop-Ship Tracking screen.

Import Tracking Data screen

  1. This screen is used for importing tracking numbers for drop-ship orders and also for tracking numbers for orders that you ship. Make sure that the Import tracking for is set to Drop-Ship POs before continuing.
  2. Select the Folder icon to navigate to the text file with the tracking information.
  3. Choose the appropriate Field Delimiter settings or enter a non-standard delimiter in Other.
  4. Select First row contains field name if the first line of the text file contains a header record with field names.
  5. When importing drop-ship tracking information, always select Drop-Ship PO Number as the setting for Link Field so that SEOM can match the imported tracking information to your PO records.

IMPORTANT: Drop-Ship tracking numbers MUST be accompanied by the Drop-Ship PO Number for the system to properly update the PO and the Order!

  1. Use the field name drop-down lists to map the information in the text file to the fields in SEOM. (Order #Tracking Number, etc.)
  2. It is recommended that you Test Data before you import. The system displays a sample record built from the selected data file and import criteria.
  3. When you are sure that the import options are configured properly, select Run Import. The system records the drop-ship tracking information from the text file in your purchase order records.


Updated on January 10, 2020

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