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Standard Simple Backorder Process


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  • Items out-of-stock will be automatically set to backorder until they are filled
  • Defaulting back-ordered items are highlighted in red.

Requirements to use

  1. Item Quantity needs to be tracked
  2. Supplier contact information needs to be populated and kept up

Backordering an Item/Creating a Backorder

  1. Process My Orders -> View & Process My Orders
  2. Navigate to the Order you need to backorder items on.
  3. Click “Items” on the left-hand side.
  4. Click “Force Backorders”
  5. Force Backorders pop-up appears.
  6. Change qty of the item to the amount to be back ordered
    1. Uncheck items not set to backorder.
  7. Click “Confirm”
  8. The item(s) will now show as back-ordered.

Creating a Purchase Order

  1. Navigation – Manage My Inventory -> Manage My Purchase Orders.
  2. Click “Create a New PO”
  3. Set the filter. (This can be set how you determine this is the default setting)
    1. Create PO -> Automatically
    2. Choose -> Needed SKUs
    3. From -> All Suppliers
    4. Include backorders from the last -> 30 days
  4. Click “Add to Order”
  5. Backordered items will have a positive number in the “Backorders” column
  6. Remove rows for items not currently needed
  7. Click “Create
  8. The PO will be created.

Filling a Backorder

Information to know

  • Items must be received in the last PO.
  • Backordered items on approved orders will create a new order.
  • Parameter = true to charge cards.

View Orders Screen

  1. Navigation – Process My Orders -> View & Process My Orders
  2. Navigate to the Order you wish to fill back-ordered item(s).
  3. On the items tab, click “Fill Backorders.”
  4. Fill Backorders pop-up appears.
  5. Change the qty of the item(s) to match the amount “Needed.”
    1. The default will match the amount unless there is not enough stock
  6. Click “Fill”
  7. The line item(s) will show backorder filled.

Fill Backorders Screen

  1. Navigation -> Main Menu -> Settings.
  2. Inventory Functions -> Fill Backorders.
  3. Choose your filters.
    • SKUs -> selected or all
    • Fill orders -> only complete or can be partial orders.
    • Approve Orders -> Complete or partial
    • Carry balance/credit to theOrderorder
    • Set Actual Ship Date
    • Set Emails For
      1. Complete Orders
      2. Partial Orders
  4. Click “Start”
  5. We completed the “Backorders filled” pop-up appears.
    • Note: that the tells you how many of each process was completed.
  6. A report preview of filled orders appears.
    1. The report can be printed.

Multi-Order Processor

Note: Multi-Order Processor can only fill backorders on unapproved orders.

  1. Navigation – Process My Orders -> Multi-Order Processor
  2.  Use the filter or search to filter order selection.
  3. Click “Process Orders.”
  4. Toggle “If an order has any backorders.” Select either of the options below.
    1. Try to fill the Order.
    2. Only if it can be filled completely.
  5. Toggle “Credit Card Mode” (iOrder order still needs payment).
  6. Choose other options.
  7. Toggle “Include orders that still have backorders.”
  8. Click “Process Orders”
  9. A summary pop-up appears.
  10. Filling backorders is complete.


Updated on June 1, 2023

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