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Fulfillment Centers Screens Overview


  • Overview of screens used in the creation of Fulfillment Centers and required templates.
  1. Main Menu -> Gear Icon (Settings)
  2. Shipping Functions -> Fulfillment

Fulfillment Centers Screen

  • Export Templates -> Click opens
  • Browse -> Use with “export file” column to help find the file location
  • Fulfillment Centers Table
    • Code -> Up to 20 alphanumeric characters to define fulfillment center
    • Name -> Name of fulfillment center
    • Export to Text File -> toggle to save order data as a file
    • Export File -> File path where text file will be saved
    • Export Template -> Dropdown to choose fulfillment template
    • Send Email -> Toggle to send email to fulfillment center
    • Email Template -> Dropdown to choose an email template
    • Email Address -> Email to send order data to

Fulfillment Templates Screen


Upper Right Corner

  • Delete -> Click to delete the current template
  • New -> Click to create a new template
  • Save -> Click to save changes to the current template
  • Select Template -> Dropdown to select existing templates
  • File Type -> Determines the file type to create
    • Comma Delimited -> Saved as .csv
    • Tab Delimited -> Saved as .txt
    • Include Field Names -> Toggle to include field name headers
  • Header Template -> dropdown to select header template to use with current fulfillment template
  • Insert Header -> How often to place the header
    • Once Per File
    • For each Order
  • If Qty Ordered more than One -> choose how multiple items are shown
    • Output one line
    • Output (Qty Ordered) lines

Template Criteria

  • Custom Columns -> opens guide to creating custom columns
  • Set to Standard Fields -> Click populates 40 fields with the most commonly needed order information.
  • Clear All -> Click to clear all fields
  • Field to Export -> Field name in Stone Edge
  • Field Label -> Header for specific field
Updated on June 20, 2023

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