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Stack Controller – Accessing and Troubleshooting


Navigating the stack controller and how to use the viewer and error log to troubleshoot issues with items not posting.

  1. Main Menu
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + S
  3. Click “OK”
  4. Click “Yes”

Web Stack Viewer

  • Resend failed posts -> click “Send Now.”
    • Change the maximum amount of retries with the parameter “WebStackRetries.”
  • Refresh view of stack -> click “Refresh.”

Making Sense of the Error Log

  • Lists failed posts and save until manually cleared.
  • Columns
    • What -> Where in Stone Edge post originated
    • Where -> What computer post originated
    • When -> Data + Time
    • Details -> Overview of what I was trying to send
  • Messages may differ depending on when/where the error was created
    • posting tracking data
    • updating item counts
    • emails
  1. Sort by the date to show the most recent first.
  2. Grab the first 2-3 rows of data that include the “Details” column.
  3. Paste data into a notepad or excel sheet so as to be able to see all information.
  4. Details should help narrow down what the issue could be.
  5. If you need help determining the issue, please contact Stone Edge support.

Troubleshooting (in relation to the stack controller)

  • Stone Edge is slow!
  • My Tracking numbers aren’t updating!
    • Check the stack error log to see if numbers are being sent
      • If not, make sure the “Status Event” for “Add Tracking Number” is set to “Notify Cart.”
    • If using a shared stack, ensure the stack computer is on and running Stone Edge.
      • The computer should be up-to-date and running the same version of the software as other computers.
    • My Inventory isn’t syncing!
      • Make sure your cart supports “Real Time Inventory.”
      • Check if old inventory posts are getting stuck in “Website Updates” or the “Error Log.”


  • When is the stack controller used?
    • Sending emails.
    • Status events.
    • Communicating with shopping carts
    • Tracking updates.
Updated on April 3, 2023

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