POS Credit Card Sales

  1. Add line items. There are five ways to add line items:
    1. Select items on the Hot Keys tab.
    2. Scan the barcode on the item.
    3. Type a SKU in the SKU field and press Enter on the keyboard.
    4. Type a barcode in the Barcode field and press Enter or Tab on the keyboard.
    5. Perform a product search by clicking Prod. Lookup or pressing F6 key on the keyboard.
  2. Process the payment.
    1. If a magnetic card reader is configured for use with SEOM, swipe the credit card through the card reader to open the Process Payment screen.
    2. Otherwise, click Credit on the Key Pad tab at the bottom of the POS screen to open the Process Payment screen and enter the card information manually.
    3. Select Store Card DataAuthorize or Capture.
      1. Store Card Data stores the card data with the order record only; the program does not run a transaction against the card. The order shows a balance due. Most often, this function is used at the time of the original order but the customer is not charged until the merchandise is actually shipped.
      2. Authorize verifies that the credit card has sufficient credit available to cover the transaction. Note: The Authorize option may not be available; see POS Setup – Misc. Tab for more information on the Require CC Sale for Orders option.
      3. Capture submits the transaction information for processing and payment, i.e. the credit card is actually charged.
      4. The Process PIN button is for debit card transactions.
  1. Get the customer’s signature on the receipt. Refer to system parameters, CCSignatureTemplate, POSPrintCCSignatureReceipt, and POSInvoiceShowSignatureLine.


Updated on June 4, 2019

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