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  • SEOM is only able to record the payment information available at the time an order is exported from the shopping cartand imported into its tables.
  • Therefore, orders paid through the Google Checkout service are treated in the same manner as the traditional PayPal system (Express Checkout) and a payment method for this payment type must be defined in SEOM.
  • The reason for this is that the Google Checkout system is not a synchronous system (transactions processed in real-time), so SEOM does not know if the transaction was completed successfully.

Using Google Checkout as a Payment Method in SEOM

  1. Determine the label used by the shopping cart to identify the payment information as coming from Google Checkout by viewing the order XMLor by contacting the vendor.
  2. Create a payment method in SEOM using the label identified in the previous step as the name of the payment method. Refer to the Knowledge Base article, Add a Payment Method for more information.
  3. For orders paid by this method to appear as “Paid in Full” once they are imported into SEOM, set system parameter GoogleCheckoutOrdersArePaidInFull equal to TRUE.
Updated on June 4, 2019

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