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Stone Edge Notifies of HTTP ERROR


An error message is received during web-based order import.  The user must click the OK button on the error message to proceed with the import process. The program writes a note to indicate the failure of this step, and processing continues.

Possible Error Codes



Similar issues cause these errors; they both deal with the internet connection from the workstation with the error.

  • Error: 12029 is that the site/shopping cart you are attempting to connect to is not secure. Thus, Stone Edge will not allow you to connect.
  • Error: 12031 is that the internet connection has reset or interrupted.


  • Check the internet connection of the workstation.
  • Check that the site you are attempting to connect. This can be done in Stone Edge:
    • Navigating to the shopping cart that errors when importing. Settings>System Function> Shopping Carts.
    •  Copy the Scrip URL into your default web browser and see if it connects to the site.
      • If you see XML script appear, but the tab continues to load. The script is causing Stone Edge to time out by taking too long to process.
      • Suppose you received an error message or a 404 page. This means that either you are not connected to the internet, the Scrip URL you are using is wrong, the URL has changed, or the page you are trying to connect is currently down.
  • Ways to ensure you are less likely to get this error:
    • Have workstations connected via ethernet line, NOT Wifi.
    • Ensure proper SSL Certificates for sites being utilized
Updated on November 2, 2021

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