Setting Up an Etsy Shopping Cart


  • This tutorial shows how to set up an Etsy Store to connect to Stone Edge thru out technology partner Connect 2 Cart.
  • DISCLAIMER: When using this tutorial, DO NOT click any other options without guidance. Stone Edge cannot be held responsible for any extra account edits made.

Etsy /Connect 2 Cart Setup

  1. Login to Connect2Cart: Log in (
    • You must have a Connect 2 Cart account to use this. If you do not have an account or are unsure of the login, don’t hesitate to contact
  2. Click “Your Channels” on the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click “Add New Channel”
  4. Click “Etsy.”
  5. Enter a name for your store
  6. Click “Create Channel”
  7. Click “SignIn To Etsy”
  8. A new tab will open!
  9. If needed sign into Etsy using the admin account
  10. Click “Allow Access” after reading the terms
  11. Copy the verification code created.
  12. Switch back to the Connect 2 Cart site.
  13. Enter the security/verification code just copied.
  14. Click “Submit.”
  15. A Success message appears.
  16. Follow this tutorial to add the shopping cart to Stone Edge: Setting Up a Connect2Cart Channel – Stone Edge Order Manager
Updated on January 23, 2024

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