Setting up a Shopify Shopping Cart


  • To allow Stone Edge to get and manage orders from Shopify, you will have to create a Custom App to enable access to your data.
  • The instructions below will show you how to make the Custom App with the correct permissions and what information you need to send to Stone Edge to enable the integration.

NOTE: The Shopify integration was previously made through private apps. As of January 2022, private apps have been depreciated on Shopify. Click HERE for more information.

Generating a Custom App within Shopify

  1. Login to the Shopify administrative section of your website.
  2. Click on the Apps section on the side menu.

    1. The search bar on the top will fill; click “App and sales channel settings.”
    2. Click “Develop Apps” in the top-right corner.
    3. Select “Create an App” on the top right.
    4. Name your Custom App.  You can name it whatever you like.  We recommend “StoneEdge” so that it’s recognizable.
    5. Choose your App Developer. The screenshot below shows “Test” as the developer. We recommend your business email.
    6. You will be forwarded to the “Overview” page of “App Development.”
    7. Click “Configuration” in the menu next to “Overview.”
    8. On the Configuration tab, click “Configure” next to “Admin API integration.”
    9. We need to give permissions to the Custom App. Using the scroll bar on the right-hand side, set the following (in bold):
      1. Analytics
      2. Assigned fulfillment orders -> set write and read permissions
      3. Browsing behavior
      4. Custom pixels
      5. Customers -> set write and read permissions
      6. Discounts -> set write and read permissions
      7. Discovery
      8. Draft Orders
      9. Files
      10. Fulfillment services -> set write and read permissions
      11. GDPR data requests
      12. Gift cards -> set write and read permissions
      13. Inventory -> set write and read permissions
      14. Legal policies
      15. Locations
      16. Marketing events
      17. Merchant-managed fulfillment orders -> set write and read permissions
      18. Metaobject definitions
      19. Metaobject entries
      20. Online Store navigation
      21. Online Store pages
      22. Order editing -> set write and read permissions
      23. Orders -> set write and read permissions
      24. Packing slip management
      25. Payment customizations
      26. Payment terms
      27. Pixels
      28. Price rules -> set write and read permissions
      29. Product feeds
      30. Product listings
      31. Products -> set write and read permissions
      32. Publications
      33. Purchase options
      34. Reports
      35. Resource feedback
      36. Returns
      37. Sales channels
      38. Script tags
      39. Shipping -> set write and read permissions
      40. Shop locales
      41. Shopify Credit
      42. Shopify Markets
      43. Shopify Payments accounts
      44. Shopify Payments bank accounts
      45. Shopify Payments disputes
      46. Shopify Payments payouts
      47. Store content
      48. Themes
      49. Third-party fulfillment orders -> set write and read permissions
      50. Translations
      51. all_cart_transforms
      52. custom_fulfillment_services
      53. customer_merge
      54. delivery_customizations
      55. gates

  1. Click “Save”
  2. Click “API Credentials” in the menu next to “Configuration.”
  3. Click the green “Install App” button either on the top-right of the page or in the center of the page under “Access Tokens.”

  1. A pop-up will appear asking if you are okay with installing the app with the API scopes selected. Click “Install” to agree.
  2. Once installed, you will see “Installed” next to the app name at the top of the page. Installing will give you three codes you need to send to so we can integrate your shopping cart.

  1. Admin API access token.
      1. The access token can only be revealed once and should be secure in a separate location for future access.
      2. API Key
    1. API Secret Key
  2. Once you send the information, you will get a confirmation from Stone Edge when your integration is ready.
  3. Once you receive the email from Stone Edge, please review Setting Up a Connect2Cart Channel – Stone Edge Order Manager


Updated on January 23, 2024

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