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Re-import Archived Orders


Over time your data file grows as you import more orders and customers.

To keep MS Access store files at a reasonable size, the Archive Old Data function moves orders placed prior to a given date to a separate archive data file (created in your c:\StoneEdge or other default directory). Customer records of those who have not placed an order prior to a given date are moved also.

The Re-Import Archived Orders function enables you to retrieve archived orders in addition to the following related information:

  • Order details (line items)
  • Transactions
  • Returns
  • RMAs
  • Drop-ship orders
  • Notes
  • Customer records

NOTE: Does not work with Archived SQL data files

Re-Import Archived Orders

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Data Functions > Re-Import Archived Orders. The following message box opens:

  1. Click OK.
  2. Browse to select the archive data file from which you want to import the archived order(s).

  1. To re-import a single order, enter the SEOM order number. Note: Do NOT enter the Web order number.

  1. To re-import a group of orders, enter a range of SEOM order numbers separated by a dash, for example:  1000-1100.
  2. If an order already exists in the current production store data file, the program warns you and does not import the order.

Note: If a large range of orders are going to be re-imported into the production data file, be advised that this process may take quite a long time to complete. It would be best to start this process off-hours when the program is not needed.


Updated on November 10, 2022

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