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Compact and Repair Database


The procedures covered in this topic are for use with Microsoft Access databases only.

If data or objects are deleted from an MS Access database, the file can become fragmented and use disk space inefficiently. Using the Compact and Repair feature regularly keeps an Access database from reaching the 2GB size limit. Once a file reaches that size, it will cease to function.

The compact process makes a copy of the Access file and rearranges how the data is stored in the database on your disk.

Compacting an Access database that is in the format of a lower-level version of Access will not cause it to be converted to the format of the current version of Access that is installed.

Compact and Repair Program File

  1. Close SEOM on the affected workstation.
  2. Manually make a backup copy of the program file(SEOrdMan.mdb) before proceeding.
  3. Press and hold down the [Shift] key while double-clicking the SEOM shortcut icon on the desktop until the MS Access database window opens.
  4. Go to Tools> Database Utilities> Compact and Repair.
  5. When the compaction process is complete, close out of the MS Access window and re-open SEOM normally.
Updated on July 20, 2022

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