Store Setup Wizard Payment/Credit Cards

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Description of Page 1 of the Payment / Credit Cards Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Payment / Credit Cards, Page 1

Gateway for : Section

Default & Manual Orders Radio Button

POS Radio Button

or Specific Shopping Cart Drop-down List

Web Transaction Type Drop-down List

Assume that all Web orders are already paid in full Check Box

Credit Card Processor List Box

Default transaction types for: Section

Manual Orders Drop-down List

Multi-Order Processor Drop-down List

Description of Page 2 of the Payment / Credit Cards Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Payment Methods, Page 2

Current Payment Methods List

Add/Edit Payment Methods Button

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button


Additional Information

Payment Methods

Manual Orders

Multi-Order Processor


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Revised: 9/23/14

Published: 04/13/16

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