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Description of Page 1 of the Packing Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Packing Section, Page 1 (Pack & Ship)


Settings on Page 1 of Packing Section Corresponding System Parameter
Lock the Date field PackingLockDate
Lock the Gift Message field PackingLockGiftMessage
Lock the Notes field PackingLockNotes
Lock the Weight field PackingLockWeight
Allow charging of credit cards PackingAllowChargeCard
Allow capturing of credit card charges PackingAllowCapture
Allow changing of shipping methods PackingAllowChangeShipMethod
Allow re-packing of orders PackingAllowRepack
Allow packing if not paid in full PackingAllowShipIfNotPaid
Allow packing of incomplete orders PackingAllowShipIncomplete
Allow viewing of orders PackingAllowViewOrder
Use keypad for entering quantities PackingUseKeypadForQuantity
Show product images PackingShowImages
Show kits (instead of individual parts) PackingShowKits
Skip the second order number scan PackingSkipSecondScan
Print invoices as orders are packed PackingPrintInvoices
Automatically read a scale when the box is closed PackingAutoReadScale
Calculate the weight automatically PackingCalculateWeight
Automatically print a label when the box is closed PackingAutoShipWhenCloseBox
Default to having the carrier send an email PackingDefaultShipperEmail

Chart 1

Description of Page 2 of the Packing Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Packing Section, Page 2 (QuickShip)

Settings on Page 2 of the Packing Section Corresponding System Parameter
Allow the use of the QuickShip system PackingAllowQuickShip
Let the user build a list of orders to ship QuickShipAllowBuildList
Let the user change the shipping method QuickShipAllowChangeShipMethod
Let the user change the ship-to address QuickShipAllowEditAddress
Allow shipping to "do not ship to customers" QuickShipAllowIfDoNotShip
Don't ship unapproved orders QuickShipRequireApproval
Don't ship orders that are not paid in full QuickShipRequirePayment
Check order for problems before shipping QuickShipCheckOrders
Require the weight (from scale, user or calculated) QuickShipRequireWeight
Default to having the shipper email your customer QuickShipShipperEmailDefault
Display the Dial Phone button QuickShipShowPhoneButton
Display the MaxMind button & Fraud Score QuickShipAllowFraudCheck
Display the Validate Address button QuickShipAllowValidate
Display the View Customer button QuickShipAllowViewCustomer
Display the View Order Notes button QuickShipAllowViewNotes
Display the  View Order button QuickShipAllowViewOrder
Pre-fill the list with orders that have this status QuickShipStartingStatus
When a label is printed, set the order's status to QuickShipFinishedStatus
Lock the Starting Status QuickShipLockStartingStatus
Lock the Finished Status QuickShipFinishedStatus
Default # of Invoices to print QuickShipInvoiceCopies
Default # of Packing Slips to print QuickShipPackSlipCopies

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