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Description of Page 1 of the Miscellaneous Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Miscellaneous, Page 1

Default Order View

Resize screens to make use of your monitor size Check Box

Verify addresses when importing orders Check Box

Configure Custom Fields Button

Define Kits Button

Define Assemblies Button

Description of Page 2 of the Miscellaneous Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Miscellaneous, Page 2

Web Stack Location List Box

Web Stack Controller Field

Description of Page 3 of the Miscellaneous Section

Figure 3: Store Setup Wizard - Miscellaneous, Page 3

Settings on Miscellaneous Section Page 3

Corresponding System Parameter

Default Settings Section

Mark Returns for Discard  DefaultReturnsToDiscard
 Carry Discounts forward to Exchange Orders ExchangeOrderCarryDiscount
Generate RMAs GenerateRMAsDefault
Set Item Status when RMA Issued RMAsIssuedStatus
Set Item Status when RMA Received RMAReceiveStatus
RMA Created Email Template RMACreatedDefaultEmail
RMA Received Email Template RMAReceivedDefaultEmail
Shipping Method for Exchanges ExchangeDefaultShippingMethod
Shipping charge for Exchanges ExchangeShippingFeeAmount
General Settings Section  
Automatically Select the Current User RMASetToCurrentUser
Approve orders created for Exchanges ApproveExchangeOrders
Automatically Select the RMA to Edit RMAsAutoEditOnOpen
Automatically Select the RMA to Receive RMAsAutoReceiveOnOpen
Allow Entry of New Reasons for Returns RMAAllowNewReasons
Fees and Charges Section
(Unlabeled on screen)
Charge Restocking Fee for Returns (POS orders) ChargeRestockForReturns
For non-POS orders set system parameters:
Charge Restocking Fee for Exchanges (POS or non-POS) ChargeRestockForExchanges
Issue Shipping Credits for Both (Returns and Exchanges) ShippingCreditForReturns

Chart 1

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button


Additional Information


Configuring Custom Fields

Define Kits

RMAs, Exchanges and Returns

Set System Parameters



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Revised: 10/11/12

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