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Description of Page 1 of the Manual Orders Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Manual Orders

Setting (check box, field or drop-down list ) Corresponding System Parameter
Require the sales person's name ManualOrdersRequireSalesperson
Show the View Item button ManualOrdersShowViewItemButton
Build Sub-SKUs as items are ordered ManualOrdersBuildSubSKUs
Always add kit parts ManualOrdersAlwaysAddKitParts
Always show cross-sell items AutoShowCrossSell
Require CVV2 for credit card charges ManualOrdersRequireCVV
Require full payment ManualOrdersRequireFullPayment
Approve manual orders with no issues ApproveManualOrders
Approve manual orders with backordered items ApproveIncompleteManualOrders
Approve manual orders with no payments at all ApproveUnpaidManualOrders
Approve manual orders that are not paid in full AllowApproveWithBalanceDue
Allow override of approval status set by program AllowOverrideApprovalDefault
Default credit card process




Require selection of a shipping method


Flat Shipping Charge


Default Shopping Cart


Require the choice of a shopping cart


Remember the cart from the previous order


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Manual Orders Parameter Group


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