As you may have heard by now, Stone Edge is independent from Monsoon Commerce. The last two months have been rather chaotic as codependent systems, accounts, partnerships and integrations were torn apart and slowly restored under the Stone Edge name. Our main goal was to limit impact to all users of our order management software through this and keep everything business as usual in your operations. Our staff of core Stone Edge developers, account management, implementation and support maintain presence in our Collegeville, Pennsylvania office. As we near completion of this business transition, we want to let you know what our plans are for the coming year.

Stone Edge was purchased by a gentleman named Wei Wei Li who runs an order management solution in Asia called NetSDL. NetSDL has been offering order management solutions to many larger operations in China and Japan for 15 years using a robust SaaS technology stack. This technology stack allows systems to integrate through an API so that operations managers and business owners tailor the product to the requirements of their organization.

This SaaS technology stack is now part of the Stone Edge ecosystem. We are actively working on integrating elements of this platform to Stone Edge Order Manager, building a new product called Fusion. Fusion can exist as an accompaniment to Stone Edge, allowing for advanced API connectivity you are accustomed to with a SaaS platform while leveraging the downstream order/inventory management and processing engine of Stone Edge. Fusion can also exist as a completely SaaS based product if that fits your business. It offers a user interface, POS capabilities, SMS notification on status update, advanced email configuration, multiple location support, EDI, warehouse management and many other high level features of an advanced SaaS OMS.

The first projects we are bringing into Fusion are the shopping cart integrations developed towards the end of Monsoon Commerce’s ownership. In 2015 we released our first API based connection to Bigcommerce which allowed customers more control of payment capture, order status changes and tracking updates. We were very close to finalizing a beta program using a similar connection for a new, Shopify integration. That project did not see completion as Stone Edge left the Monsoon portfolio. Both of these integrations were built on web services not maintained by Stone Edge. After becoming independent we moved over what we could in order to keep everyone on those new or Beta integrations running. We are now in the process of moving these two integrations into Fusion which will allow Stone Edge customers to integrate with Bigcommerce and Shopify through a Stone Edge technology stack.

There is a lot to be excited about here at Stone Edge. The Fusion product has countless options for providing a highly competitive offering of integrations and advanced features for shipping, purchasing, payments and more. While we build out the infrastructure of Fusion, we will continue to reach out to the user community and attend regional conferences to solicit feedback on the products’ direction and future. We truly appreciate all of you for growing and maintaining the Stone Edge community over the last 10 years and hope the restoration of the product to its original name and independent ownership brings with it some confidence. From everyone at Stone Edge Technologies, thank you for your time.