Dear Stone Edge Community,

We are excited to announce the hiring of our new COO and Managing Director, John Frazar.  Many of you may recognize that name, as John was one of the original employees of Stone Edge Technologies when it was just a startup back in the early 2000’s.  He developed many of the Stone Edge Web services which are still in use today and helped oversee the growth of the business through to the sale to Monsoon Commerce.  Shortly after he moved on to pursue other opportunities in e-commerce and fulfillment operations.

John has remained in contact with many of you in the Stone Edge community over the years and has remained passionate about his desire to develop software solutions to help small and medium online retailers thrive.  One of John’s initial goals will be to guide the Stone Edge Order Manager back on track as an industry leading solution.  That’s going to start by stabilizing the software, bringing it current and then building in new technologies to make it applicable well into the future.

We believe in the community that surrounds the Stone Edge Order Manager and want you to be involved in helping to forge the future for Stone Edge.  Over the coming weeks and months, we will be in touch with many of you all in the form of emails, surveys, phone calls, and so on, to learn about your needs and wishes for a new-and-improved SEOM.


The Stone Edge Team