Stone Edge Order Manager

This locally installed version is designed and priced for small-to-medium companies, the Order Manager makes Web and Phone order businesses easier to manage with practical customer, inventory, and order management tools. Streamline and automate your process of managing orders, customers, inventory, shipping, drop-shipping, credit card transactions, and more! Manage multiple shopping carts in one shared system and retain the branding of each individual store.

  • Order processing is a major strength with Stone Edge. It includes many built-in features to help you streamline and automate whatever order processing tasks your business operations require. Order processing can be a hands-on manual review of each individual order or a hands-off completely automated process or anywhere in between.
  • At the core of the inventory management capabilities of Stone Edge is your product catalog. The program offers tremendous flexibility for maintaining your product catalog, pricing and more. Editing products, importing and exporting products, and keeping your stock levels synchronized across multiple sales channels has never been easier.
  • Stone Edge offers tools to automate routine customer management tasks as well as tools to market to your customers for increased sales. A customer database is automatically built as you import and process orders.
  • Automated drop-shipping reduces the time spent checking each new order, figuring out what has to be ordered and from which vendors, creating and sending the purchase orders to them, then trying to reconcile their invoices against your orders.
  • With multiple tools for picking, packing and shipping, Stone Edge will help streamline your operations, eliminate packing errors and reduce labor costs. The program includes its own UPS and FedEx certified shipping systems. It is also integrated with Endicia Dazzle for shipping via USPS. Shipping labels can be printed whenever you are viewing an order or in a batch mode. However, most merchants use the QuickShip or Pack & Ship screens.