Stone Edge Fusion

This web based version is designed with different pricing levels and features that allow for small, medium as well as enterprise level companies to use this solution. The Fusion system makes Web, marketplace, point of sale (POS) and the phone order entry businesses easier to manage with customer, multi-warehouse inventory locations, and order management tools. Integrate and automate your process of orders, customers, inventory, shipping, drop-shipping and more!

  • Order processing is a major strength with Stone Edge Fusion, one of our existing customers was able to process 2.65 million orders from one sales channel within one day.
  • Connecting to more popular website and marketplace integrations to ensure that your company is able to increase sales figures.
  • At the core of the inventory management capabilities of Stone Edge Fusion is your product catalog. The program offers tremendous flexibility for maintaining your product catalog with multiple warehouse support. Keeping your stock levels synchronized across multiple sales channels and the ability to see what items are available to promise (ATP) when an order is imported or entered manually.
  • Automation of drop-shipped orders reduces the time spent checking each new order, figuring out what has to be ordered and from which vendors, creating and sending the purchase orders to them. We also allow a non-automated workflow in case your orders need a more hands on approach.
  • With multiple tools for picking, packing and shipping, Stone Edge Fusion will help streamline your operations, eliminate packing errors and reduce labor costs. We will be able to offer shipping integrations through multiple shipping solutions to provide more flexibility in shipping methods.