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10 business events that could signal it’s time to automate sales tax

10 business events that could signal it’s time to automate sales tax Repost from Avalara   The biggest barrier to companies automating sales tax is often inertia. Without a shake-up of the status quo, the de facto response is “why change?” or “I’ll get to it later.” It typically takes something significant to get people [...]

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SQL Server 2005 End of Support

Via Microsoft: The end of support for SQL Server 2005 is April 12, 2016. See the SQL Server 2005 upgrade page for more information to help you make the transition. You will learn what end of support means, reasons to upgrade, and how to plan and carry out a move to a more modern data platform. [...]

Where We Are Heading

As you may have heard by now, Stone Edge is independent from Monsoon Commerce. The last two months have been rather chaotic as codependent systems, accounts, partnerships and integrations were torn apart and slowly restored under the Stone Edge name. Our main goal was to limit impact to all users of our order management software [...]

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Fighting Fraud

Fraudulent web and phone orders are nothing new in the world of commerce. According to a JP Morgan poll, typical financial total loss incurred by companies due to payments fraud in 2013 was $23,100.00. While overall fraud has trended down slightly since a peak of 73% in 2009, 60% of merchants were exposed to actual [...]

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Streamlining Your Back Office with an Order Management System

Delays and mistakes in dealing with customers have the potential to seriously harm your business and its reputation. You need to get it right every single time. This is easy to do when you’re small, but as your business grows you’ll find that relying on manual processes has limitations that will impede your ability to [...]

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